The purpose of the Low Loader trailer is to transport all types of machinery and equipment. They are built based on the type of cargo.


Fully enclosed body semi-trailers are used to transport high-value commodities and need more security for the cargo. Commonly used for transporting wheat and maize, which need protection from rain and theft.

Tipper Trailer

Tippers are manufactured in two models with Square buckets and curved buckets. Square bucket Tippers are provided with 4 container locks that can also carry 1 x 20 Ft containerized cargo.

Drop sided Trailer

Drop Sides semi-trailer gives more security for the cargo and allows more flexibility for transporting cargo rendered difficult on Skeletal or Flatbed semi-trailers.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed semi-trailers 3 axle weight 8.4 Tons come with 12 container locks and chequered plate floor. Flatbed trailers are more versatile than skeletal trailers, offering a wide range of load-carrying applications that are limited to skeletal trailers.

Skeletal Trailer

Our Skeletal trailer tare weight is 6.9 tons with Mechanical suspension and 6.5 Tons on Air suspension. Suitable to carry containerized cargo loads up to 31 – 32 tons of payloads.

Drop-sided trailers


Skeletal Trailer

Flatbed trailers

Car carriers

Low beds