Our Trailers

Major components of trailers include…

Main chassis
One piece chassis fabricated of special steel, reinforced internationally with suitable number of cross members to suit heavy loading conditions

Square beams 13t axles,(five years warranty on the axles beams)

Heavy duty VB mechanical suspension system (BPW type) with arms, brackets and full multi-leaf springs suitable for heavy loads (one year warranty on suspension system)

King pin
Trailer is equipped with 2” or 3.5” king pin (as requested)

Trailer is supplied with 12 tyres plus one spare wheel


Braking system
Air actuated automatic works with servo in two lines with truck supplied with load sensing device. German made WABCO plus mechanical handbrake system with two air tanks of 1×80 liters

Surface preparation & Painting
The layers of primer after treatment of sand blasting then two layers of final coating of color (as per customer choice)

Trailer equipped with w24 volts full electrical circuit, with rear and side lamps reflectors and license plate light

All trailers supplied with 1200 liters diesel tank, one water tank, spare wheel carrier for two tyres & tool box

Skeletal semi-trailers

Flatbed semi-trailers

Drop sided semi-trailers

Mono blocks

Canter bodies

Car carriers

Low loaders

Sugarcane trailers

Coil Carrier semi-trailers

Pulling trailers

Enclosed body semi-trailers

Drawbar trailers

Palletised trailers

Terminal trailers for Port Operations

Cement bulkers

Tipping semi-trailers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located along Mombasa - Nairobi highway a place called Mikindani

Where can I find more information about a specific kind of trailer?

To find out more about what is standard and what options are available for a specific product, please use the navigation bar on our website to locate the type of trailer you are interested in. You can also contact us on 0733 661133.

What is the lead time for having a trailer or truck bed made?

The lead time for a trailer varies depending on the length, width, and style of trailer. Please contact a sales representative or dealer for more detailed information.

What warranty do you offer on trailer and truck beds?

They are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

Can all of your products be customised?

Yes, all of our products can be customized and there are many options from which to choose.

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