About Us

A Leading Trailer Manufacturer For Over 40 Years

Transtrailers is one of the emerging players in the trailer manufacturing industry in Kenya and was established in 2005.

Our vision of producing high quality trailers to suit the African terrain came into existence after being involved in the road transport industry for nearly 40 years through our associated company Transpares (Kenya) Ltd. The experience in the road transport has proved invaluable when designing and building trailers to ensure that they are durable and have a low maintenance cost.

A team of dedicated engineers, equipped with the latest machinery, are constantly researching new ways to improve our trailers with the aim of delivering high quality trailers to the market. The trailers are monitored at every stage of production and undergo vigorous quality inspection before being delivered to our customers.

One of our main focuses is also to undertake major refurbishment works for repairing all types of semi-trailers. We have a very big clientele and satisfied customers who appreciate the refurbishment works that we carry out for them. We undertake trailers repair works for those with serious accidents and we are referred by most of the insurance companies to carry out the
refurbishment works. The refurbishment trailers are carefully monitored during this process and are made sure to attain 100% to its original specifications. We have earned the reputation in the local market as one of the best trailer refurbishments companies.

Further, we have an excellent back up service facility for after sales at our manufacturing site to cater to all our clients and ensure that all queries are acted within the shortest possible time. To show our commitment to building high quality trailers we provide the following warranty on all trailers built by us:

  1.  One-year warranty on complete suspension system of the trailer *;
  2. Five-year warranty on axle beam*

i) Location of offices:
Transtrailers is located in Miritini, next to Regional Logistics Centre (CFS).
Below is our postal address:
P.O BOX 86029-80100
Mombasa, Kenya
Mobile: +254 733 661133

Nairobi office
Tel: 0773708555

ii) Accreditations the Company has:
The company has the following credentials
1) The company has been awarded the High Quality Trailers Body Builders by National Road Safety Agency in 2011;
2) The company is ISO -9001-2015 certified;
3) The company is BS OHSAS-18001-2007 HEALTH AND SAFETY certified; and
4) The company is KEBS certified.



Mission and Vision statements

To concentrate on enhancing quality control and use of latest technology so as to meet our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

To consistently build high quality semi-trailers with a strong brand identity within East and Central African market.


Description of services and/or goods offered

Type of goods sold:
We manufacture and sell all types of semi-trailers, low loaders, car carriers, drawbar trailers and also do body building for canters.

Types of services offered:
We offer all types of refurbishment works on semi-trailers, offer annual maintenance for semitrailers, repair accident trailers for insurance companies and we also do re-spraying for all trailers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located along Mombasa - Nairobi highway a place called Mikindani

Where can I find more information about a specific kind of trailer?

To find out more about what is standard and what options are available for a specific product, please use the navigation bar on our website to locate the type of trailer you are interested in. You can also contact us on 0733 661133.

What is the lead time for having a trailer or truck bed made?

The lead time for a trailer varies depending on the length, width, and style of trailer. Please contact a sales representative or dealer for more detailed information.

What warranty do you offer on trailer and truck beds?

They are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.

Can all of your products be customised?

Yes, all of our products can be customized and there are many options from which to choose.

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